The year is 1999, and the evil General Akhboob closes off his

The Ur Example of the judge talk show, The People’s Court had its pilot episode taped in October 1980 and premiered on September 14, 1981 when Judge Joseph Wapner took the court to the TV. The premise is that two parties, a plaintiff and a defendant, that would otherwise take their cases to small claims court would instead agree to have their case settled on television by Judge Wapner. After the verdict was given, each side would be interviewed by host and court reporter Doug Llewelyn, who would often end the show with the Catch Phrase “Don’t take the law into your own hands: you take ‘em to court.” On the other hand, if a case ended with a verdict for the defendant, Llewelyn would instead end the episode by saying “If someone files a lawsuit against you and yet you’re convinced you’ve done nothing wrong, don’t be intimidated.

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