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Vintage Finds On The Web: Sunglasses Edition

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Last week we rounded up the best vintage swimsuits on the web. Mid-search we got distracted by the plethora of retro frames (the ones being reproduced by some of our favorite designers this summer but for hundreds of dollars) and thought we’d share.Vintage sunglasses may be the best way to make sure you’re wearing something no one else has. Like these Dior aviators from the late 80s — they’re in perfect condition. These 70’s sunglasses are another great option from Dior and if you like that shape, take a look at these frames from Balenciaga. They’re empty , so they need some work Canada Goose outlet , but they’ll be worth it. If you want an edgier look, these Cartier Diabolos should do the trick, or these shades from Robert La Roche. And these quirky Fendis are surprisingly inexpensive. Nothing’s as classic as original Ray Bans. The Clubmasters are easy, but the Olympians should get you stopped on the street.—KATE SIEGEL

Vintage Finds On The Web: Sunglasses Edition

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